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Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s DAKS over Prestwick success

Glasgow Prestwick Airport welcomed over 2000 additional visitors to the airport on Saturday, 25 May 2019, to view, climb on board and learn the history of eight C47 aircraft on their way to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the D Day Landings.

Image: Ryan Lim

Taking in the historic blue spruce route over the Atlantic Ocean, these vintage aircraft took between 3 – 5 days to arrive at Glasgow Prestwick Airport after leaving from Oxford, Connecticut.

In true Scottish style, the gates opened and the rain started but it didn’t stop the continuous flow of visitors.

Kris Baillie, Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s Business Development Manager said:

“The history behind these magnificent aircraft and the journey they took during WW2 is incredible. I am delighted that we could host the D Day Squadron in Prestwick on their way to Normandy to celebrate this memorable occasion.

“I am really pleased that we were able to open up our Apron to allow the public an opportunity to experience these aircraft up close and spend time with the crews who have undertaken this historic mission. It was very interesting to hear stories from the visitors to the event, including a 95 year old veteran who jumped into Normandy on D day.”

Doug Maclean, Director of The Scottish International Airshow said:

“The 75th anniversary commemoration of the D Day landings is likely to be the very last time that this number of genuine WW2 gather together. The route theses aircraft flew over the Atlantic was the same as thousands of young crews going to war in Europe.

"The airport and Airshow staff worked very hard to make it possible for the public to see these wonderful planes and to meet many of the crew flying them. Each aircraft had a story to tell and we all felt very grateful that we had a chance to experience a bit of history at Prestwick airport.”

Photos by Ryan Lim

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