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Hair raising science at Bellsbank

The formula for fun was discovered in Bellsbank recently at a community science fair.

Kilmarnock Engineering and Science Society (KESS) and Bellsbank Primary joined forces to provide an exciting science filled day for the whole community.

KESS President Suzanne Flynn said: “The visitors were treated to a night sky viewing and a trip to the moon in the pop-up observatory supplied by The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory.

“Members of the Ayrshire Astronomical Society brought several interesting telescopes and solar scopes for visitors to view the sky.

“KESS provided several stands demonstrating aspects of electricity – the Van de Graff generator was very popular and several visitors tried it out and were amazed that their hair literally stood on end.

“We are very pleased that the Society’s Schools Outreach programme is reaching so many children, their parents, teachers and members of the public.”

Councillor Stephanie Primrose, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning said: “Almost 170 people visited the science fair which was held on a Saturday to allow parents and members of the wider community enjoy the fun activities on offer.

“I have to say I really enjoyed participating in the activities. The team worked very hard to remove the barriers many people feel towards science, making the whole experience really enjoyable for everyone who attended.”

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