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Heatwave and Thunderstorms set to hit Ayrshire next week!

Next week will see our weather warm up drastically however the Met Office has issued a Yellow thunderstorm warning across some parts of Ayrshire with a potential threat to life mentioned in the warning.

Temperatures are set to rise across Ayrshire from Sunday with 21c forecasted across Ayrshire however the real rise in temperatures will arrive from Wednesday with temperatures expected to hit 26c and possibly even higher on Thursday however it won't be Blue sky's and sunshine instead Thunderstorms and high humidity is forecasted.

Ayrshire last hit 31c just over 2 years ago and hasn't been beaten since and although no sunshine is forecasted temperatures reaching around or just over 30c can't be ruled out however where thunderstorms do hit flash flooding and lighting is possible especially between Sunday and Monday afternoon, High temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday risk sparking more storms across Ayrshire and the whole of Scotland.

ADN as always will keep you updated on our Facebook page and right here on our website 24/7.

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