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Heatwave on The Way For Ayrshire This Week

A Heatwave is on the way for Ayrshire this week with temperatures expected to hit around 24° By the weekend.

Things are heating up again for Ayrshire with the third heatwave expected across Ayrshire this summer set to bask Ayrshire in more glorious sunshine.

Martin Henderson who runs Ayrshire’s local weather page & Ayrshire Daily News Weather said:


‘It has rained in England for weeks while we have remained relatively dry. This happy imbalance will cease this week as the whole of the UK will come under the influence of the Azores High which is the holy grail if you like prolonged summer weather.

This evening showers dying away.’

‘Monday a dry start but afternoon downpours sprouting up with a clap of thunder possible.

Many areas escaping these.’

‘Tuesday onwards settling down with variable cloud,some brightness and feeling pleasant in any sunshine.

By the weekend the High may be centred over Scotland and by then we might be resurrecting the H world. One to watch.

There are signs of a prolonged spell of summer weather lasting all of July, not nailed yet but good model agreement on this.

If this happens our already critical water shortage will be enhanced.’

‘Graphic shows High over us by Saturday.’


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