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Heavy rain to hit Ayrshire in wake of EX Hurricane Gert

Heavy rain is to hit Scotland in the wake of Hurricane Gert the most powerful Atlantic storm of the year so far.

The west of Ayrshire is likely to be worst affected by the aftermath of the squall, with up to three inches of rain predicted in Around higher ground of North Ayrshire and extending up north.  Gert which has now been downgraded to a tropical storm is expected to hit Scotland on later Sunday and continue through most of Monday after crossing the north Atlantic. 

Chris Hendry weather forecaster for ADN said.

“The remains of Hurricane Gert will hit Ayrshire later on Sunday and through Monday.”

“Although wind won’t be the huge issue it’s the rain that will hit hard with over 3inches expected around North Ayrshire especially Arran”

“Originally branded as a Hurricane when formed it’s now been downgraded to a tropical storm which will also meet low pressure just north of Scotland”

“In return this will bring a very unsettled 24 hours and some localised flooding and wave over topping is expected along exposed shores” 

Storm Gert will be one of a few named storms to hit Ayrshire this year with the new storm names set to be revealed for the 2017/18 winter season in the next few weeks! 


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