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Here Are All The New Coronavirus Restrictions For The Festive Period & Beyond including Lockdown

Yesterday FM Nicola Sturgeon announced new, tighter messures to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic after a new variant of the virus was discovered in the UK, part of these new measures include mainland Scotland being moved into level 4 lockdown restrictions from Boxing day for 3 weeks until mid January.

However FM Nicola Sturgeon also announced a revised plan for restrictions over the Christmas period, below is a summery of new restrictions announced across Scotland

  • The planned five-day flexibility between 23 and 27 December is to be scrapped and will be permitted on Christmas Day "only" in Scotland

  • Cross border travel Between Scotalnd & England will NOT be allowed through any part of the festive period and beyond during the Level 4 lockdown period

  • Level 4 lockdown restrictions will be implimented from Boxing Day across mainland Scotland - this means Hospitality, Hairdressers and non-essential shops will be closed until at least mid January 2021

  • Schools will return later than planned after the Christmas holidays, with online learning from 11 January until at least 18 January 2021

  • Travel Restrictions are now law - No unessential travel outside your council area

  • Household limits will still apply on Christmas Day - a maximum of eight people from three households

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