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Historic D Day Squadron coming to Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is hosting a once in a lifetime chance for the public to experience aviation history up close and personal on Saturday, 25th May 2019.

The 75th Anniversary of D Day is likely to be the last time that a major collection of vintage C47 aircraft will gather to commemorate the invasion of France and the beginning of the end of World War 2. The D Day Squadron is part of the Tunison Foundation and will be bringing at least 11 C47s to Prestwick on their way to Normandy to celebrate this anniversary. These are some of the very aircraft that dropped paratroopers on the beaches of Normandy on D Day.

The aircraft are now mainly operated by charities or volunteer groups who have raised money to make this trip possible.

Whilst these historic aircraft are at Glasgow Prestwick Airport, the general public will get the chance to see the C47s with an opportunity to climb on board.

Kris Baillie, Business Development Manager at Glasgow Prestwick Airport said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming The D Day Squadron to the Airport on their travels to Normandy, following the same route taken during World War 2 when the Airport supported thousands of military aircraft heading to and from Europe.

“A temporary public exhibition area will be created to allow the general public to get up close to these historic aircraft.”

Doug Maclean, co-Director of the Scottish International Airshow said:

“We have been asked by the D Day Squadron and the Airport to help set up a unique opportunity for members of the public to see the aircraft on the ground at Prestwick.

“We are using a large section of Prestwick airport, at a special entrance through Monkton village, on Saturday 25th May.

“Profits from this event will help pay for the fuel for these incredible airplanes and help them on their way to this final D Day anniversary.

“A VIP event has also been organised for the Friday, 24th, evening to allow Enthusiast Photographers unobstructed access to these aircraft.”

Kris Baillie added:

“The aircraft will be a mix of colour schemes. Some with wartime D Day battle stripes and some in classic airline colour schemes. The entire apron will be full of the most amazing vintage aircraft; truly a photographers dream.

Miss Montana, D Day Doll, Flatbob Express and PanAmClipper are some of the aircraft you can expect to see at the Airport.”

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