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HM Coastguard Helicopters set to open Scottish International Airshow with role demonstration

HM Coastguard helicopters and RNLI lifeboat crew are set to open the Scottish International Airshows Saturday daytime display on the 3rd September with an action packed role demonstration on the beach-front.

Over 100,000 people are expected to turn up.

Doug MacLean, Event Manager, said: "This is the first year of the new Coastguard rescue helicopters based at Prestwick. We are delighted to have arranged a role demonstration of one of the amazingly equipped helicopters and the powerful Troon lifeboat.

"At 11am on Saturday we kick off the flying with this great demonstration organised by HM Coastguard and RNLI. It will give everyone a chance to see 2 of our rescue services up close and interesting - right off Ayr beach."

The night-time display is also a first for the SIA, it will kick off at 5pm on Friday the 2nd September with fireworks coming from the planes and more!

The lifeboat and helicopter are subject to operational needs and may be diverted if need for a rescue mission. However the weather is going to be nice on Saturday so we hope they get to show you their great skills.

The event is free of charge both nights, but you can leisure yourself with premium tickets for VIP seating, entertainment tents and more..see

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