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Improvements flagged up for Braehead Primary and Early Learning Centre

An action plan is being put in place to improve the standard of education and care at Braehead Primary School in Ayr. Inspectors from Education Scotland reporting on the quality of education found that performance was 'Weak' to 'Satisfactory' at the Primary School, and 'Good' across the board for the Early Years Centre. 

The Inspectors came to their conclusions after a recent visit to the school, which included discussions with parents, young people and staff. As part of the process, evidence was gathered on the quality of leadership and management, learning provision and children's success and achievements The inspection team found the following strengths: The wide variety and quality of family learning opportunities in the Early Years Centre. Staff in the school and early years centre demonstrate respect and care and are committed to valuing all children equally. The quality of partnership working to support children, families, and staff. Partners demonstrate a strong willingness to support change and contribute to improvement in the school and early years centre. The following areas for improvement were identified: There is a need for the senior leadership of the school to provide clear direction to manage the changes needed to improve outcomes for all children.

The school should develop a curriculum that is relevant to its context, meets the needs of all learners and supports children to develop knowledge and skills across all curriculum areas. There is a need to improve learning and teaching and ensure there is appropriate pace and challenge for all. This should be supported by a review of the positive behaviour policy to enable children to engage fully in learning and have high aspirations for the future. Building on children's good progress in learning in the early years centre, staff should work to raise the attainment and achievement of all children. Approaches to assessment need to be improved to meet children's needs better. Develop more effective self-evaluation approaches which lead to improved outcomes in the early years centre and across the school. Councillor Douglas Campbell, Leader of South Ayrshire Council said, "The report is a mixed bag for Braehead. The Early Years Centre is performing well but there is a clear case that improvements need to be made in the Primary School. "The report highlights the commitment of staff and identifies strong partnership working with families and carers, something that will be vitally important in the months ahead. "Our priority is to ensure the best start in life for children in South Ayrshire, and in the months ahead targeted action will be in place to turnaround performance and deliver the best results for children, parents, and carers." Douglas Hutchison, South Ayrshire Council's Director of Educational Services said action was already being taken, "An action plan is being put in place to raise standards and provide the school with clear direction in the months ahead. "We'll be working closely with Education Scotland ahead of a return inspection in the next year and I'm confident that positive progress will be made." The Inspection report can be found on the Education Scotland website.


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