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Independence Poll Results - Our poll reveals 83% of Ayrshire readers think Nicola Sturgeon will win

YESTERDAY we asked Ayrshire Daily News readers if Nicola Sturgeon could win a new referendum vote and after 2,100 votes from our readers, the result of our local poll can be revealed.

Out of the 2,100+ people who voted, 83% of people think Nicola will win a second referendum while only 17% think she will lose. This result was finalised at 11pm last night 15/03/17 and was public meaning that some votes may be from outside the Ayrshire area.

Meanwhile the UK prime minister insists that Scotland will be leaving the the European Union regardless of whether or not it votes for independence.

Speaking during an exchange with the SNP's Angus Robertson, Theresa May also warned against "constitutional game-playing".

Mr Robertson (SNP) has accused Mrs May of breaking promises to secure a UK-wide agreement on Brexit.

She said there would be further talks with devolved administrations.

The heated exchange, at Prime Minister's Questions yesterday, came after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced plans to call for a second independence referendum in response to the UK voting to leave the EU.

Sturgeon wants the vote to be held in the autumn of next year or the spring of 2019, to coincide with the conclusion of the UK's Brexit negotiations and a Scottish parliament vote will take place next week.


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