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Investigation into the collision between freight train crash near Cumnock begins.

An investigation into the Train crash near Cumnock, East Ayrshire on the 1st of August has taken place from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch.

The RAIB said in a report online:

"There were no injuries but the locomotive and seven wagons from train 6K07 and eleven wagons from train 6K06 were derailed; the locomotive and some wagons were severely damaged. One wagon came to rest across a minor roadway. There was also substantial damage to the track on both railway lines.

"Our investigation will examine the sequence of events leading up to, and during, the collision. It will also examine how train movements within engineering work sites and possessions are controlled, what work has taken place to implement previous RAIB recommendations that are applicable and any relevant management issues."

Ayrshire Daily News understand that there were no official serious injuries reported by officials at the scene of the smash.

At New Cumnock, the train 6K07 entered into an engineering work site and was authorised to travel along the Down Main line and then to stand behind another engineering freight train.

The train which was stopped, reporting number 6K06, was already stationary within the work site about 3 miles (4.8 km) away. While travelling within the work site and rounding a right-hand curve, train 6K07 ran into the rear of stationary train 6K06 at 28 mph (45 km/h) - causing the train to derail. Work has began moving the trains which derailed and Rail bosses say they hope to re-open the line within another 2 weeks. The rail tracks will need repaired/replaced also.

For the full report from RAIB - Click Here


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