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Irvine Woman Proves Running Is Good For Mind As Well As Body

An Irvine woman is set to take on the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10k for the second time as proof that running has played a huge part in improving her mental health after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 15.

Emily Wallace, 21 from Irvine, was diagnosed after displaying physical symptoms which resulted in a year of tests and visits to her GP as well as being referred to a psychologist and psychiatrist for depression leading to her eventual diagnosis.

Emily said: “I started feeling unwell about halfway through secondary school and could sleep for up to 23 hours each day. My mum took me to the GP and they initially couldn’t work out what was wrong and referred me to a psychologist who referred me to psychiatry for depression. After being prescribed a variety of medication which didn’t work, I was prescribed lithium which started to level out my emotions.

Emily Wallace

“Due to the side effects of lithium, I gained quite a bit of weight and was referred to cardiology who gave me an ECG and an Echo and told me that I had to lose weight, so I decided to start walking.

"It was a great release for me and one day when I was out walking I realised that I really wanted to get home quicker and knew that if I ran, that would be much quicker and my love for running started from there. I’ve been running for three years now and I’m happy to say my health has improved to the point where I no longer require medication.

“Running is a good time for self-reflection and I am so grateful that I found it when I did. Since then I have gone on to study Early Years at Ayrshire College and I’m now in my final year. I’m also getting married in a couple of years’ time so the last few years have been a real turning point in my life and it was all thanks to running.

“This year I am running the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run for me. I am happy to take it at a relatively slow pace to ensure that I can take it all in and enjoy the crowd, who are amazing - they really spur you on to be your greatest and to cross the finish line.”

The Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run is a two day celebration of sport in the heart of Glasgow. The Family Mile, Junior Run and Toddler Dash will take place on Super Saturday, 28th September, while both the 10k and half marathon will be staged on Sunday 29 September. Up to 30,000 runners of all ages and abilities are expected to take part across the weekend.

The iconic run will once again be supported by Bank of Scotland, who this year are celebrating their eleventh year as partner.

For more information and to enter the bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run visit

You can follow the event on Twitter @GreatScotRun using #GreatScottishRun or

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