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Kay Park pond improvements

Kay Park pond is a hive of activity once again with the improvement works restarting after the festive break.

Work has been progressing well on site. The pond was drained at the start of the project and repairs have been carried out to restore the banks, which had eroded over time.

The Council's contractor Water Gems, appointed through Luddon Construction, is now ready to plant a wide range of native plants and flowers, which will reduce algae formation and enhance the natural look of the area.

The foundations have been laid for the new boardwalk timbers and the new bird viewing and feeding platform, to be built on the site of the old boat jetty, will start shortly.

Once the viewing and feeding platform is completed information displays will be put up at various locations to help identify bird species and provide advice on suitable feeding.

New nesting and shelter zones will be created to encourage more bird species to the pond and surrounding areas.


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