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Ayr Police Station has become a ‘Keep Safe’ premises joining a growing number of premises in South Ayrshire who are working together to create a network of local businesses who are there to support people feel safe when they are out and about in their community.

Keep Safe is an award winning initiative developed in partnership with Police Scotland and charity ‘I Am Me’ Scotland. The initiative works with a network of local businesses who create 'Keep Safe' places in the community for anyone feeling lost, frightened or who have been a victim of crime. Keep Safe staff are trained to offer assistance when required.

Sometimes due to disability or age related illness, people can easily become disorientated, lost or become confused, especially in and around unfamiliar surroundings. Keep Safe can offer a reassurance that there is somewhere people can seek assistance if required.

South Ayrshire Communities Inspector James Hendrie said: “Keep Safe premises are important as they support vulnerable people and give them a safe place to go wherever they are in the community if they need a little help or assistance”

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or Visit I am me Scotland :


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