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Kilmarnock's Comic Event is Underway

Kilmarnock’s Dick Institute is the only Scottish venue to exhibit Comics: Explore and Create Comic Art!

This colourful and interactive exhibition from Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books presents an eclectic mix of iconic comic art that will delight and inspire the whole family!

Featuring old school favourites such as Desperate Dan, the Numskulls, Roy of the Rovers and Dennis the Menace alongside Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman and many more! There are hands-on activities for everyone to take part in too! Don't miss’s MARVEL…ous!

The exhibition is on at The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock until Jan 18th 2020

Opening days and times:



TUESDAY: 10am - 6pm

WEDNESDAY: 10am - 6pm

THURSDAY: 1pm - 8pm

FRIDAY: 10am - 4pm

SATURDAY: 10am - 4pm


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