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Kilmarnock service updates Brings increased frequency to Number 1 service

Stagecoach West Scotland today announced changes to local Irvine Valley network service 1, the introduction of new service 1B and service level changes to the 9 service commencing from 14th July 2019. 

Following feedback from local communities, journey frequency on service 1 will increase to every 15 minutes on the entire route between Kilmarnock and Priestland.  Additionally evening services from 8pm onwards will now leave on the hour from Kilmarnock Bus Station, and on the half hour from Priestland.  

In addition to improvements to the frequency of service 1, we will be launching a promotional fare offering significant reductions to the Biobus dayrider and megarider fares. From 14th July to 11th August all customers will be able to purchase a Biobus dayrider ticket at the greatly reduced cost of just £4, and for those travelling more frequently a seven day Biobus megarider at a cost of just £14, saving £5 on the normal price. Fiona Doherty, Stagecoach West Scotland Managing Director said:

"We have listened to feedback from our customers and we recognise that having all service 1 vehicles operate the same route, and for the full length of the route, makes it easier to plan your travel. We have also listened to comments with regard to our tickets and we hope that by greatly reducing the cost of daily and weekly tickets we will see more passengers using the service. We have to ensure that the route continues to cover its operating costs so we will analyse the passenger numbers over the period of the price promotion to understand if the increase in passenger numbers is at a level that allows us to still operate sustainably while offering even greater value to our customers." In addition to the changes to the 1 service a new service will be introduced to depart Galston Barward Road every 60 minutes. Service 1B will provide connections for those wishing to travel from the Barward Road area towards Galston Cross, Hurlford and Kilmarnock.  Through fares from the 1B to the 1 service will be available to those customers who wish to travel onward towards Newmilns, Darvel and Priestland. 

In addition to the changes to service 1 and introduction of service 1B, service 9 between Kilmarnock, Kilmaurs and Stewarton will now operate every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday with no changes to Sunday services, again the promotional pricing on the Biobus dayrider and megarider will be available on service 9.

Service 1 View the Service 1 timetable here.

Service 1B View the Service 1B timetable here. Service 9 View the Service 9 timetable here. Service 110 View the Service 110 timetable here. Service X76B View the Service X76B timetable here.


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