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Largs Neatebox Pedestrian Crossing will be first of its kind in Scotland

Work will begin on Monday 13th March 2017 to install the new pedestrian crossing at Douglas Park.

This crossing is the result of consultation with the local nursery and will provide a safe crossing facility for the nursery children as well as many other users in this location.

Works are expected to be completed in the first week in April 2017.

Further to this throughout Largs we are fitting all the pedestrian crossing locations with technology that allows users to call the pedestrian crossing from an application on their mobile phone.

This will improve accessibility to the crossing, particularly for mobility and visually impaired users.

This cutting edge technology is called Neatebox and is a free download on to your smart phone.

The installation in Largs is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The installation of the technology will occur in March with Neatebox Ltd carrying out testing early in April and it is expected that the system will be live for all users in May 2017.

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