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Ayrshire locals can expect to see a dramatic increase in military activity around the sea and Prestwick Airportand over the next two weeks as Exercise Joint Warrior got underway this morning.

According to sources, the exercise brings in 31 warships and submarines, 60 aircraft and around 6,500 personnel from 14 nations including UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany and Norway.

Operating in maritime exercise areas off the coast of Scotland, Joint Warrior provides the UK and allies the chance to practice the vital skills needed by our armed forces on the battlefield.

Training skills such as counter-smuggling and insurgency; anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare; mine counter measures operations; joint firing; composite air operations; reconnaissance, and electronic warfare training will all be practised during the two-weeks according to Adrossan Coastguard Rescue teams Facebook.

A number of military aircraft will also be operating multiple sorties each day from Prestwick Airport with Hawk fast-jets and FRA Falcons being utilised to test the air defences of the participating warships.

Low level flying around the coast, simulated air-to-ground attacks on surface vessels and simulated weapons firing are likely so don't be alarmed.

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