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MSP Sharon Dowey urges SNP to drop indy ref obsession and “focus on the day job”

With the SNP Government tabling a Scottish independence debate immediately after the Scottish Parliament returns from recess, Ayrshire MSP Sharon Dowey is urging the SNP to drop their obsession with Scottish independence and focus on the day job.

Considering the significant issues facing Scotland’s NHS, Sharon Dowey has said that the SNP have their priorities all wrong with the timing of this debate.

Instead, Sharon has said the Scottish Government should be focusing on resolving issues in Scotland’s health service. This means sorting out A&E waiting times, ambulance waiting times and resolving problems in the social care sector to tackle delayed discharge.

Commenting, Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP Sharon Dowey said:

“With Parliament returning from recess during a crisis in our public services, particularly the health service, it is beyond belief that the SNP Government has tabled a debate on Scottish independence.

“This independence debate isn’t going to reduce A&E waiting times, tackle delayed discharge, improve ambulance waiting times, or sort out pay-related disputes in the public sector.

“Those are the issues that constituents want their politicians to be focusing on, to prevent a collapse of our public services here in Scotland. Instead, as Parliament enters a New Year, we’re going to be debating on the constitution.

“Health, education, and justice are all devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Yet, the Scottish Government is failing to get to grips with any of these areas.

“The SNP should use the vast power they already have to improve our health service, our schools, and our justice system. However, as is becoming increasingly clearer, the SNP are using independence to distract the public from the real issues that the Scottish Government is failing to tackle”.

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