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Mum warns Ayrshire drivers to take care on country roads

A young mum is warning us to be careful after a writing off her car on the Ayrshire Country road, which seems to be an accident hot spot according to the Fire Service.

Lauren Robb, 24 was involved in an accident which had written off her car on the B714 Dalry to Saltcoats road when she suddenly lost control and ended up in a ditch, like 3 others who have spoken out - Steven, Chloe and Rebecca have all sent Lauren photo's of the accident they were involved in, on the axact same road.

Lauren got in touch with Ayrshire Daily News reporter, Robert Hamilton about the many accidents that were happening, she said: "I was driving down the B714 from Dalry to Saltcoats, driving to weather conditions, my car just slipped from underneath me, I tried to counterbalance it by pulling the steering wheel to the left, then my car done a 360 and went on its side, slid across both lanes and into the ditch, luckily me and my 3 year old son weren't hurt.

"One woman who stopped to help me, told me later that night through the power of Facebook that someone else almost came off at the same part just after me.

"I put the Facebook post up just to warn other drivers of just how bad the road can be, because it won't be long until there is a fatality there. The Facebook post had alot of response with being shared over 200 times since it was put up, with a lot of response with people's views on the road."

Lauren also said: "The whole purpose of this is to raise as much awareness as possible, my husbands Christmas could have been completely different."

Mum of 1, Lauren, also said: "People think it's not just the road that's the culprit and it's too many accidents for it to be driver error. Steven got in contact with me and showed me his pictures, turns out the fire services told him there had been 33+ accidents since September (he wrote his car off a few weeks before me) we've all described the road as ice, with no reason to come off. No one can understand it. I know the road like the back of my hand and know where it twist and which bits are the bad bits."


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