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New Cumnock Flood Prevention Scheme phase one

Work is now almost complete at the Leggate in New Cumnock, a key part of the extensive £4.7m Flood Protection Scheme planned for the area.

Contractor Barhale Construction PLC, who were appointed to construct phase one of the flood prevention works, have been on site since April. The works have been extensive and a major part of the project involved the diversion of a major high-pressure water main by contractor Innovative Utilities (UK) Ltd.

Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of the Council said:

“The flood prevention works are now in place and protecting properties in the immediate vicinity of the Connel Burn from future flooding.

“The works have been a combination of engineering measures, earth embankments and reinforced concrete walls that have been specially designed to contain any floodwaters within the Connel Burn. Our contractors have also re-profiled the ground and the existing burn bank to allow excess waters to be redirected downstream of the Connel Burn Bridge and away from any properties.

“Now this phase of work is substantially completed the Roads Maintenance Unit will begin to adjust the profile of the B741 carriageway to complement the works.

“I would like to thank the local community for their support and their patience throughout these works. The flooding that they experienced in the past was devastating and we are committed to ensuring that homes are protected and safe by developing an extensive flood prevention scheme.”

It is anticipated that phase two of the works, which will see flood prevention measures being installed along both banks of the Afton Water, New Cumnock protecting homes on either side of the river, will start in April 2019. A major gas main will be diverted before phase two begins.

Discussions are ongoing with the Statutory Undertakers and also with local landowners to ensure that all necessary service diversions and access permissions are agreed to allow construction work to go ahead as soon as is possible.