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Owner of Campbell fuels speaks out after picture goes viral showing hand sanitizer for £20

The owner of Campbell's fuels has explained to Ayrshire Daily News that they were certainly not profiteering by selling a spare box of Hand Sanitizer with all money made going to charity.

It all started when I innocently bought 2 boxes of a rep who came into our premises."

The Owner explains..

"It all started when I innocently bought 2 boxes of a rep who came into our premises."

"Thinking to myself that would be great for our staff but then I saw the dilemma of shortage in Ayrshire and decided to sell the second box to my customers who had been asking if we had any for £19.99."

"I had a quick check online and noticed they were selling for around £25 - £30, remember this is a large commercial pump action bottle containing 500ml not the small pocket size that most people buy."

"Customers were over the moon and they all sold out within a couple of days, but someone took a picture of the last 2 bottles and posted it on Facebook saying they were only 40ml bottles and we were profiteering over the plight of the Coronavirus."

"Nothing could be further from the truth! we are in the Oil business and have been for over 50 years and our customers and community friendship mean the world to us but suddenly we were all over Facebook."

"The bottles cost us £15 each and it was a normal markup. I've had newspaper reporters contacting me constantly but sadly they only want to print sensational news without finding out the real truth."

"We will be donating ALL monies made from the sanitizer to the Ayrshire Women's Hub and apologise for any misunderstanding that this has caused."


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