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Petition started to save the Number 2 Stagecoach bus in Galston

A petition has been started by Sandra Stewart to save the much loved number 2 stagecoach bus between Kilmarnock and Galston.

A few weeks ago ADN revealed that the number 2 was to be axed by stagecoach under new service improvements and changes across Ayrshire.

Sandra said the following on the petition.

At present the number 2 bus service is every 30 minutes from Galston to Kilmarnock via Hurlford and Queen's Drive retail park.

Stagecoach intend to cut this service from Galston and replace it with an hourly number 1 bus which will not stop at the retail park.

The number 2 service is a vital life line to the residents of Galston and the removal of the service will have a devastating affect.

The number 2 service provides independence to the vulnerable and elderly. It links residents to vital services such as the Doctors, Chemist and the Hospital.

This will also increase travel costs for those travelling from Galston to the retail park for work.

Mr Griffiths / Stagecoach please reconsider your decision to remove the current number 2 service and continue to provide the residents of Galston a fair service.

ADN have contacted Stagecoach and SPT for comment.

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