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Petition to stop the Cumnock bus service cuts gets more than 850 signatures!

A petition to stop the planned cuts to the 42/43 service has hit over 850 signatures!

The petition started by Dale Dinmore has the true reality of how the cuts will affect him and other users and posted the following info below.

"Please do not implement the proposed changes to services 42 and 43 as this will hugely impact chances on employment and getting around using public transport and means that people like me who can't afford to have a car will lose out, only Stagecoach West Scotland wins in this."

"Currently services X51 and X42 are always empty or have 1-5 people leaving Cumnock Bus Station and the X51 runs services all very close to each other during the evening leaving Cumnock and X42 usually leaves 5-10 minutes after the 42 and usually empty. These are the services that should be changed not the current 43/343 or 42/42A routes."

"The above mentioned services may be Xpress routes but they are rarely used leaving Cumnock."

"If these changes go ahead it will be more difficult for me and many others in the affected areas to find work anywhere as employers take travel into account."

"Public transport is becoming more unreliable every year for our area."

"(05/08/2017) UPDATE: Stagecoach have now held back the service cuts until 17th September"

click the link below to sign the petition and dont forget to share!


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