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Police in North Ayrshire are asking motorists to consider their vehicles security


Police in North Ayrshire are asking that motorists consider their vehicle’s security after a number of reported incidents over the weekend involving thefts from insecure vehicles in Irvine.

Insp. Colin Convery said: “Enquiries are ongoing at present to identify those responsible, however I would remind all car owners to secure their vehicles when not in use.”

• When at home keep your car off the street if possible. If you have a garage then use it if possible. Make sure you lock both the car and the garage. If you don’t have a garage, make use of the driveway if you have one.

• Lock all items out of sight. Don’t leave anything on display and take valuables with you.

• Leave the glove box empty and open.

• If you have a Sat Nav, hide the cradle and take the system with you. Don’t forget to wipe the suction marks off the window.

• If you have personal correspondence in the vehicle, then take it with you. Don’t give others access to important personal information or your home address.

Further advice regarding security can be found at:


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