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Prestwick community group spread festive cheer after Halloween knock-back

A community group in Marchburn, Prestwick decided to give something back to the local community by doing a doorstep foodbank collection around the area.

The collection which was all donated to the Christ is action Foodbank based in Prestwick means hundreds of Kids that would have potentially been left with nothing this Christmas will get a meal on the table and a gift under the tree thanks to the community group.

Along with food being collected, presents for kids where also welcomed while Santa stopped and waved with a safe 2 meter distance.

A spokesman for the community group said the following to ADN:

“We wanted to give our kids something to smile about. The idea came from when some of us were wee, and this was done.”

“We decided to do this for charity. Christ is Action foodbank Based out of Monkton and Prestwick North Church.”

“Also one of our members works at Sainsbury's and we contacted the management and they set up a trolley in our canteen for our staff to donate.”

“We are dropping off the stuff we collected to the Foodbank tomorrow morning (Wednesday 16th December)”

The Marchburn community group had originally planned the collection for Halloween but where knocked back due to the lockdown restrictions over the Halloween period.


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