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Prestwick Funfair makes comeback after 15 years

The Codona family are pleased to be returning the once famous Prestwick Funfair back to the Ayrshire town.

Images - Codona's Facebook.

The prestwick fair always used to run near to the Gold Cup week in September and was a big event - it was staged at the Prestwick Toll (where Sainsbury's is now situated), Prestwick Esplanade and Heathfield Road.

Now the Codona family are keen to get things back on track as they will pull on to the Prestwick Esplanade car park after 15 years of no fairs in Prestwick.

Codonas Attractions said:

"The last time we were in Prestwick was around 15 years ago when the fair used to operate on Heathfield Road - then the land became unavailable - and for the first time in over 15 years, we are back!

"We will be opening our Valentines Fun Fair in the esplanade car park on the front. It will be MASSIVE with lots of rides and attractions for everyone, including our famous Starchaser Waltzer."

"We will have 50p off vouchers in local shops and you can also print them off in any colour!

"Plus for ONE NIGHT ONLY we'll be running a Valentine’s special wristband night! Unlimited rides for only £7.99!"

David Moore, who has been associated with fairground and circus families for many years says the funfair returning to Prestwick is 'amazing' news, after many years of trying to source good grounds to make it accessible for everyone to have a night at the shows.

Local man David said: "I have many happy memories of the Prestwick Fair. I used to work at the toll fairground where the Sainsburys is now, with the famous Pullar family who operated the bingo there, then in 1983 it was announced that the fair could no longer operate on that site as it was purchased by a local man. "The fairground continued at the car park on Prestwick Beach Esplanade where I had fond memories of working on the Pullars stalls and Flying Bug Ride. "For many years the showmen have tried to find a new site to no avail and recently I suggested to the Codona family that they should re-establish the event and after proactive talks with the council and looking at various sites, it became apparent the beach front car park was a good location.

"The original fair was always well supported in Prestwick and I would encourage locals to support the Codonas and I wish them well and hope it becomes a regular event." The Prestwick Funfair will run from the 13th till 23rd February. Open weekdays from 6pm - Saturday and Sundays from 1pm.


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