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Save Our Ferry Campaign: In-accurate Information Update

On January 23rd 2017 we were alerted to claims that new trials were being carried out by Calmac Ferries at Troon Harbour.

The actual report was that the ferries were coming in for a routine inspection/repair.

Ayrshire Daily News

These claims were mistakenly published to our website and posted to the campaigns Facebook page.

Ayrshire Daily News contacted the Calmac Press Office immediately after the article was removed to apologise for the false report that was picked up on social media.

The press team who we had spoke to were very happy about us contacting to apologise for this mistake, and we confirmed that this wouldn't happen again, in any case - they were very understanding of the situation.

We apologise to our readers if this had caused any inconvenience - it was resolved hours after being posted.


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