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South Ayrshire lockdown would create boundary issues for Doon Valley villages

South Ayrshire going into tier 4 of the Scottish governments new tier system to control the virus will cause council boundary issues for Doon valley communities and villages.

Tier 4 is more closer to a full lockdown meaning non essential shops must close along with pubs and restaurants however the FM said yesterday that both East and North Ayrshire could move into tier 2 from there current tier 3 position.

All Doon Valley villages including Dalrymple, Patna and Dalmellington fall under East Ayrshire, this means that although people from these villages can go to a pub or restaurant by law they would need to travel to Kilmarnock which is part of East Ayrshire.

For people with no cars this would involve 2 buses or a Bus then train and can only be connected from Ayr which would be essentially under lockdown.

If South Ayrshire does enter tier 4 it will be interesting to see if the Scottish government has considered issues like this and just how it could work for isolated bill like Patna or Bellsbank.


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