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Stagecoach need your help to find Mrs Claus's Christmas present

Have you heard...?

Last Christmas, Rudolph was unwell and couldn’t pull Santa’s sleigh. Santa wasn’t going to let everyone down, so he quickly downloaded the Stagecoach Bus App, found his nearest bus stop and managed to deliver presents to boys and girls in Ayrshire, Arran, Cumbernauld and Dumfries and Galloway by getting around on Stagecoach Buses!

However - he left one very important present on one of there buses, and Santa needs YOUR help to find it!

SO – do you think you can help Santa find Mrs Claus' present? If you spot the present in a Stagecoach Bus window, ask your grown up to tweet @StagecoachWScot or email us at to let us know the following details:

  • Where you spotted Mrs Clause's present (let us know the town and bus number so our elves can track it down)

  • What time it was (our buses are always on the move, so this will help us narrow it down)

  • Your name, age and contact details so you can be entered into our competition to win a magical zoom call with Father Christmas himself on Christmas Eve!

Tweet or email Stagecoach a photo of you and the family out on #SantasStagecoachSearch, or a photo of the missing present you'll get an extra entry!


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