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Stagecoach service changes public consultation results

Stagecoach issued the following information below.

You Spoke We Listened

Public Consultation on Service Changes from 04/06/17 Following recent proposed changes to bus services in North Ayrshire, Ayr Town and Dalmellington we have reviewed every online feedback form, postal form, email, telephone call and all comments made in person at our open event and community council meetings. As with all companies it is important that we continually review the services we offer to ensure that they are reflective of the travel habits of the majority of our passengers, and that we use the finite resources available to us in the most effective way. Over recent years the travelling habits of our passengers has changed substantially, with increased online and out of town shopping affecting the number of people visiting our town centres. Work patterns are also changing with fewer people working 9-5, 5 days a week, in an office. At the same time our population is ageing, roads are becoming more congested and the relative cost of car ownership is falling. In order to provide relevant services, that are sustainable and allow us to reinvest in new technology, vehicles, and our staff we must react to these changes and ensure that we have a network of services that are sustainable and viable. Through the consultation period we have had a number of comments asking us to leave services as they are, or indeed to increase service provision. However, this is simply not an option for the reasons above. We have, however made the following amendments to our proposals based on feedback during the consultation period:

X34 & X36 Service

  • The 1530 X34 will not be cancelled and will now operate from Buchanan Bus Station at 1530, due to arrive at Irvine Cross at 1644. There will also be a return journey on this service at 1647 from Irvine Cross to Buchanan Bus Station.

  • The 0624 X34 from Irvine will now serve Howwood at 0711.

  • Off peak services via Braehead Shopping Centre have had a small amount of additional running time added to allow the appropriate time to serve Braehead Bus Station.

  • The X34 and X36 services will operate with a mixture of single and double deck vehicles. The single deck vehicles have been identified as the most suitable vehicles we have available for the service, however on the most popular journeys of the day, from the extensive passenger data we have analysed, double deck vehicles will be operated to provide additional seating capacity.

X44 Service

  • The X44 service from Buchanan Bus Station at 1825 will not now be cancelled.

585 Service

  • The 585 service from Largs at 0638 will now depart at 0618. This will allow connections from Seamill and West Kilbride to the X36 due at Princes Street, Ardrossan at 0700 for those wishing to travel to Glasgow.

11 Service

  • North Ayrshire Express tickets will be available for purchase on, and use on, the 11 service between Ardrossan and Irvine. This will allow passengers who wish to transfer from the X34 or X36 to the 11 service at Kilwinning to do so without any additional ticket or fare being needed.

Our initial proposals, with the above changes, will be implemented from 04/06/17. We will of course monitor the performance of these revised services closely.

We would like to thank all of those who took the time to comment on the proposals.


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