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Storm Dudley: Ayrshire To Be battered by 90MPH Winds & Heavy Snow This Week

Storm Dudley & Storm Eunice are expected to hit Ayrshire this week with 90MPH winds & Heavy snow for a time.

The Met-Office has warned of strong winds throughout Wednesday night that could see gusts of around 100MPH for a time, strong enough to warrant a Red Met-Office warning, something that hasn't happened in over 6 years.

Later today ADN will be holding a SWM (Severe weather Meeting) with our very own weather forecaster Martin Henderson to discuss the possible impacts from Storm Dudley & Eunice over the next 4 days.

Following Storm Dudley we have Storm Eunice, this is likely to be a snow event for Ayrshire although it will be windy for a time which could lead to blizzard like conditions even at lower levels.

The Met-Office Amber warning for Ayrshire says:

"Very strong westerly winds are expected to develop across western Scotland and northern Northern Ireland late Wednesday and extend eastward across southern Scotland and northern England during the evening."

"There is still some uncertainty in the timing and location of the strongest winds but there is the potential for inland wind gusts of 70-80 mph in places. Gusts of 80-90 mph are possible around exposed coasts and hills."