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The Scottish Airshow WILL go ahead after tragic Shoreham tragedy

The Scottish Airshow will go ahead as planned on Saturday the 5th of september and will not be affected by the Shoreham tragedy, director of the event Doug MacLean has confirmed.

The Scottish Airshow will go ahead as planned after a Hawker Hunter jet crashed on to a road during the Shoreham Airshow on Saturday the 22nd, killing around 11 people.

The Scottish Airshow director said all of its displays were "safe" and over water - that is why they chose the low green area of Ayr which is pictured below.

The event at Ayr Low Green and Prestwick Airport will take place over the weekend of September on the 5th being the low green event and the 6th being the static display at Prestwick Airport.

Both days are expected to attract more than 50,000 spectators says Airshow bosses.

There have been people calling for Airshows to be cancelled due to 'Safety Grounds'.

Doug Maclean, from The Airshow Scotland Ltd, said organisers had considered cancelling the Ayrshire event but decided to go-ahead as all the flying was done over water in a "very safe" environment.

He said they would fully consider new restrictions from the Civil Aviation Authority.


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