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Girvan's magical new fairy trail

There is a magical feeling in Girvan at the moment thanks to adult learners from Girvan Opportunities. The group wanted to do something nice for their local community so they created a lovely fairy trail at McCreath Park in the town.

With the help of the Council and local volunteers, the learners have added some magic to the area which overlooks the picturesque harbour.

Alongside a local volunteer who has been introducing new plants to the area and carrying out landscaping work, the group has lovingly crafted a number of fairy doors which they have set among the nooks and crannies of the rockery.

The fairy trail has already attracted some terrific feedback from locals especially children as they imagine all the tiny fairies living just out of sight beyond the colourful doors.

Councillor Julie Dettbarn, Health and Social Care Portfolio Holder for the Council said:

"This is a fantastic project and everyone involved particularly the adult learners at Girvan opportunities should be proud of their efforts. Not only have they revitalised the park, they have fuelled imaginations and anyone who visits the trail will leave with a smile on their face. 

"A big part of the work at Girvan Opportunities is giving adult learners the chance to reconnect with their local community. Projects like this are also a visible reminder that everyone should have the chance to learn as the end results can be truly inspirational. Well done to everyone involved."

The team at Girvan Opportunities is now coming up with new ideas to add to the fairy trail so who knows what other surprises are just around the corner.  

Girvan Opportunities provides a range of personalised learning opportunities to adults with learning disabilities. Their unique approach enables students to learn and develop new skills as well as building on existing talents.

If you or an adult you know would benefit from this kind of learning, contact the team on 01465 712730 or email


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