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Update to statement on East Ayrshire school cladding

A Statement from East Ayrshire Council said:

"On 3 July 2017 we issued a statement advising that we had undertaken precautionary examinations on school buildings over 18m, or four stories tall and that these did not have the same cladding as Grenfell Tower in London.

"All existing school buildings in East Ayrshire have now been checked and none use the same cladding as that on the Grenfell Tower. "We have also checked the cladding system being applied to some parts of the new William McIlvanney campus and are reassured to report this is not the same as that applied to the Grenfell Tower. "Most importantly, we can further advise that the cladding being used complies with current Scottish building standards and fire regulations. "The safety of our pupils, parents and staff is of utmost importance and we’re confident our well-established programme of inspection, maintenance and routine monitoring will help ensure all our school buildings remain as safe as possible and fit for purpose."


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