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Young Ayr mum's slinky warning to parents after child nearly dies

A young mum from Ayr is warning other parents of the dangers a classic toy had - which nearly killed her 3 year old son.

Emma Bonzer's son Brooklyn was happily playing with the pupular Paw Patrol toy whilst she got his Nursery clothes ready and minutes later screams alerted Emma to the living room as the toy slinky was wrapped round his neck.

Emma posted on social media site Facebook about the ordeal to raise awarness to other mums & dads, it had been shared over 1,000 times.

The slinky, which had METAL wire inside the plastic has caused neck scars to the three year old.

She told Ayrshire Daily News: "Brooklyn was a very lucky boy, he did put the slinky round his neck 3 times and at that point i heard a scream, but i knew it wasn't his carry on scream, i knew that something was wrong.

"I ran through to the living room to find him with this slinky wrapped round him which was clearly causing pain.

"I couldn't even get the scissors through, it was that tight into his neck.

"After i pulled it from the back and managed to fit the scissors down, it was only then i realised it was metal, this is why it was so hard to cut.

"I literally thought i had lost my little boy, over a slinky, and i felt if i didn't let anyone else know i wouldn't be able to forgive myself if someone wasn't so lucky as Brooklyn."

The slinky claims to be suitable for the ages 3+ - Emma thanks everyone for the support Brooklyn and her have received.


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