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Emergency Crews and Helicopters Still Tackling Loch Doon Blaze


Crews are still tackling the forest blaze more than 24 hours after emergency services were called to near Loch Doon, Dalmellington.

Credit: Bobby McGaffney

2 helicopters have been battling the blaze alongside emergency crews dropping water directly on to aggressive areas of the fire.

The fire started around 6:50pm on Saturday 13 April and the crews have been working tirelessly on trying to bring it to a stop.

A video by posted by John Coughtrie shows helicopters dropping large attached buckets of water on to the flames.

East Ayrshire Council said on Twitter this evening:

"19:00hrs A significant forest fire in the Dalmellington/Loch Braden area is being tackled by emergency services.

"The fire covers approximately 5 miles and we are urging visitors and locals to stay away from the area as we work to support emergency services."

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