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New collection arrangements for brown bins in North Ayrshire

Residents are being reminded that changes to the frequency of brown bin collections will take effect from early November.

From Monday 6 November, brown bins, used for food and garden waste, will be collected every two weeks, rather than weekly.

All households will receive a letter detailing the arrangements and a collection calendar advising them when to present their bins for collection. Householders should also remember to put their bins out for 7am on their collection day and ensure they put the Right stuff in the Right bin.

The changes, which were approved earlier this year, have been introduced as a result of reducing finances available to North Ayrshire Council along with an increased demand for some services.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Ideally, we would want to keep the weekly brown bin collection but this is not possible given the annual reduction in funding the Council has had to deal with.

“Since 2010/11, the Council has had to find £73m of savings which has not been an easy task.

“We also face a potential funding gap to 2019/20 of up to £44m which means that difficult decisions have to be taken.

“Nevertheless, although we are reducing the frequency of our brown bin collections, we are ensuring that a consistent collection service is maintained for all households.”

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