New Dailly Primary taking shape with steel frame now complete

Plans to build a new Primary School for Dailly are taking shape with the outline of the building now clear to see.

The steel frame for the new South Ayrshire Council building is now complete as contractors continue to make good progress on the project.

The £3.8m project will deliver a replacement school with educational facilities over two levels. The new primary will replace the existing three buildings with a single facility that will support a school capacity of 100 pupils.

Demolition of the original school building took place earlier this year with construction getting underway on April 11.

Since then, the main contractor, Morrison Construction, has been working to complete the steel frame, with the building set to open in early 2017.

Councillor Margaret Toner, South Ayrshire Council's Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder, said the project was making good progress, "It's amazing what can be achieved in a short space of time and after just three months you can physically see the building take shape.

"This new project will help to transform education for generations to come while also providing a valuable community resource that I'm confident will quickly become a local focal point.

"I'm pleased to say the project, which complements our wider investment in South Ayrshire's our education portfolio, remains on course to open next year."

The school has also been designed to accommodate 30 children in an integrated nursery, something that will allow pre-school and ante pre-school children to attend in a single session.

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