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POLICE appeal for information to missing Alison McIntosh | Ayr

Ayrshire Police have appealed for any information to Alison McIntosh who went missing during the weekend.


Statement from Ayrshire Police Division

Police are appealing for information about a 48 year old woman missing from Ayr since Sunday 15 November 2015.

Alison McIntosh (48) of Chalmers Ave, Ayr, was last seen leaving her home about 1630 hours on Sunday afternoon.

She is described as 5 ft in height, of medium build and has short brown hair. She was wearing a black Parka jacket with a fur trimmed hood, black knee high boots, black leggings and was carrying a red leather handbag.

Inspector Craig Feroz, Communities Inspector, Ayr, said today:

“Alison is dealing with some personal issues just now and although she has been missing once before, she is always in contact with her family. She also requires to take daily medication which we know she does not have with her. Her four children are desperate for her to come home.

“We would appeal to anyone who knows where Alison is to contact police. I would also ask that she call home or contact police to let them know she is ok.”

Anyone with information can contact Ayr Police Office via 101.

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