Positive report for Annbank Primary and Early Learning Centre

The high quality of education and care at Annbank Primary School and Early Learning Centre has been recognised in a report published today (25 April).

The positive appraisal reports from Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate found that the primary was achieving ‘very good’ to ‘good’ performance across the board, while the Early Learning Centre was assessed as ‘good’ on most counts and ‘satisfactory’ in one category.

The Inspectors came to their conclusions after a recent visit to the school, which included discussions with parents, young people and staff. As part of the process, evidence was gathered on the quality of leadership and management, learning provision, alongside young people’s success and achievements.

In summary, the inspection team found the following strengths in the school’s work:

  • Children across the school and early learning centre are enthusiastic and enjoy their learning. They have a good understanding of the school values and this helps create a learning environment where children feel safe and happy.

  • Children are attaining very well in literacy and numeracy. They write very well across a range of contexts. In numeracy, children are skilled at working out problems and describing the strategies they use.

  • Children have a good awareness about health and wellbeing and are able to identify what they can do to keep safe and healthy. Staff make very good use of information about children and provide high quality support for them and their families.

  • Staff work very well together and with parents and partners to create a welcoming school and early learning centre which is seen as an important part of the village community. The input of parents to the school is valued by staff.

  • Recent improvements to the learning spaces by staff in the early learning centre is having a positive impact on children’s learning and independence.

The following areas for improvement were also identified:

  • The school and early learning centre should continue to develop teaching and learning approaches with a focus on pace and challenge for all learners. Staff should ensure there are more opportunities for children to lead learning.

  • The early learning centre staff should work together to further develop and implement nurturing approaches.

  • The school should continue to make skills for learning, life and work explicit to children to help them understand the importance of developing and using these skills now and in the future.

Douglas Hutchison, South Ayrshire Council’s Director of Educational Services, said, “This positive report highlights the continued dedication of staff who are working tirelessly with children and their families to deliver a first-class education.

“The feedback we received from the inspectors was very encouraging with reading and writing skills highlighted as one of the school’s most notable areas of success.

“The report comes at an exciting time for Annbank, with refurbishment work at the school now nearing an end. Once completed, facilities will be transformed, helping to further enhance the education on offer for generations to come.”

Annbank Primary, Headteacher, Karen Butchart said she welcomed the report, “It’s been a year of change at Annbank but the one constant has been the way our staff have worked with families to make sure their children get the education they deserve.

“I was proud that the inspectors recognised our children shared our values, and that they felt safe and happy at school, something which really helps to make their school the perfect place to learn."

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