Prestwick Pet's Aquarium boss hits back at petition to shut shop

THE BOSS of Prestwick's Pet's Aquarium hit back at a petition to shut the shop and insists health and safety checks have been carried out by the relevant people.

The Prestwick Pet's shop has hit back after recent claims of un-healthiness for the animals sparked a social media frenzy.

Pictures emerged during the weekend by Sophie McNicol who saw kittens being kept inside a cage, which brought her to tears.

However, the shop has been visited by both, South Ayrshire Council and the SPCA who said they found nothing wrong and that they are licensed to sell kittens.

David Allan, who owns the Pet's Aquarium in Prestwick said South Ayrshire Council and their vets visit regularly to make sure everything is well before renewing the license of the store.

The kittens were brought in on Thursday last week and were put in the correctly sized accommodation with food and drinks and a fleece pad to sleep on.

Mr Allan said: “We are saddened at the publicity this has made without approaching staff in the shop and complaints are being voiced via social media, where we cannot respond as we are not associated with any internet correspondence."

The petition, that was launched on sparked social media outrage and had more than 5,000 signatures to close the shop down.

The Scottish SPCA said: “We are aware of an online petition regarding a pet shop selling kittens in Prestwick and we have attended the premises following calls to our animal helpline.

“Although the kittens were not at the pet shop during my visit, I was able to assess them and found them to be in good condition and old enough to be without their mother.

“I have strongly advised the owner against selling kittens from the shop, although they are licensed by the council to do so.

“The Scottish SPCA regularly visit these premises to check on the welfare of the animals.”

A South Ayrshire Council spokesman added: “The council’s environmental health team has received several complaints regarding Pets Aquarium in Prestwick and we are currently looking into these.”

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