River Ayr route could provide ‘missing link’ for cycle route under new plans

Fresh proposals to create a new cycle link between Ayr town centre and the Holmston Roundabout are being investigated by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance on behalf of South Ayrshire Council. 

Following an initial review of four potential routes, two options along the River Ayr will now be developed in greater detail.

Last October the Council instructed Ayrshire Roads Alliance to look into feasible routes as an alternative to Holmston Road, specifically making use of a route along the River Ayr. This is part of a broader programme working with communities to improve cycling routes and promoting active travel, health, and wellbeing. As part of a public consultation Ayrshire Roads Alliance engaged with a broad range of stakeholders including the relevant community councils as well as Cycling Ayrshire, Ayr Burners Cycling Club, Ayr Road Cycling Club. With the positive feedback received, two options are now being considered along the River Ayr: 

On the north bank of the River, the multi-use path would run from Station Road towards the existing footbridge in the University of the West of Scotland’s Craigie Campus, cross the river, before joining Holmston Road, and then follow the A70 towards the A77.

On the South bank, the path would run from Station Road, follow the burn before Kyle Academy through to Overmills Road, and then onto the A70 Holmston Road towards the A77.

Councillor Ian Cochrane, South Ayrshire Council’s Portfolio Holder for Sustainability and Environment, said, “We’re committed to ensuring our local environment can be enjoyed by all, and that our communities are supported to get active and enjoy healthier lifestyles. “We want to deliver a workable route linking Ayr town centre to the A77, and this missing link is an important part in that jigsaw. “We’ve identified two feasible options which will now be developed into fully-costed projects, after which the Council will take an informed decision on which of the plans provide the public with the best possible solution. “As part of that process, interested groups will be given every opportunity to feedback their views on a significant project that will provide alternative environmentally friendly travel routes, while promoting healthy active lifestyles.” Ayrshire Roads Alliance will now conduct a feasibility study into the two preferred options, with a further report expected to be submitted to Councillors outlining the final preferred option in spring 2018. Following that, funds will be sought to complete the project with indicative costs suggesting the works could cost between £700,000 and £1.2 million. Accessible cycling is already moving forward in the area with bike hire now available at the Active Travel Hub at Ayr Rail Station. Meanwhile work continues on a multi-use path linking the village of Coylton to the outskirts of Ayr reflecting the Council’s ongoing commitment to growing the walking and cycling network.

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