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Royal Air force latest jet trainer landed at Prestwick earlier from Iceland!

The Royal Air Force latest jet trainer landed at Prestwick today Monday from Iceland after a week long journey from the Embraer factory in Brazil.Still bearing its delivery registration,it will become ZM337.

(pic - Bob Smith)

The Embraer Phenom 100 business jet has been selected by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide flight training for pilots of multi-engine aircraft of the Royal Air Force (RAF), under the fixed-wing training element of the UK Military Flight Training System (UKMFTS) programme. Developed by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, Phenom 100 will be configured to provide RAF students with multi-engine training in specific areas such as high-altitude operations, flying in multi-aircraft formations, asymmetric flying, crew resource management, flying with a second engine, and dealing with emergency procedures. The Phenom multi-engine trainer aircraft will eventually replace King Air 200 twin-engine turboprop aircraft fleet in service with the RAF since 2004. When operational, the airplane will be based at RAF Cranwell station in England. Best wishes Bob Smith.

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