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Sheep Worrying Incident near Girvan

Sheep Worrying Incident – South Ayrshire

At around 0700 hours on Monday 6 March 2017, officers were informed that a number of sheep were alleged to have been injured and killed by dogs at a farm in Barr. Officers are continuing enquiries to trace a grey dog described as a Lurcher, and a tan and black dog described as a Rottweiler, which are believed to have been involved in the incident. 

Sergeant Alan McDowall said: “I would advise farmers across the Barr and Straiton areas to continue to be vigilant and to take the usual precautions to protect their livestock.

"We are aware that livestock worrying has previously been under-reported and that farmers can be reluctant to contact police. This is often down to the fact that in many cases where dogs attempt to chase sheep, no physical damage occurs.

“Please do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns. We investigate every reported case of livestock worrying and understand the devastating consequences should these incidents result in the death of livestock.”

“The Scottish Outdoor Access Code says that dogs shouldn’t be taken into fields where there are lambs or other young farm animals and I would remind all dog owners to ensure their dogs are under control at all times.

Anyone with concerns should contact police via 101.

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