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Shock as Pirate Pete's now charge Adults to sit in with kids

SHOCK as well known kids soft play area located next to Ayr Beach starts charging for Adults to watch their kids play.

It's believed that the company is charging an extra £1 per adult, and it isn't going down well on Facebook.

A member of the public posted on the firms Facebook saying: "I think it's terrible that parents are now getting charged to take your kids into the soft play. Don't know how anyone else feels?"

Pirate Petes then made a statement on the public thread saying due to the cost of wages and other bills, they now need to look for other ways to bring money in.

Pirate Petes said: "I'm sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately due to our ever increasing costs of everything from wages down to all our other bills we now need to look at other ways of bringing money in.

"We have now actually just started charging for adults (during peak times) unlike plenty of other soft plays that have been charging for a long time.

"You will also find in the up and coming months that the last few soft plays that do not charge will also introduce this measure.

"It is a decision that we did not come to lightly. I hope we will continue to see you at Pirate Petes."

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