'Ayrshire 3D Cakes' bakes up wonderful cake for NHS staff

Emilie Meeten, who works in Station 11, was supposed to be taking the cake into work for all the staff to enjoy but took unwell.

The cake was baked up by hobbyist 'Ayrshire 3D Cakes' who kindly made it for the staff at the ward.

The cake was supposed to be delivered by Emilie who took unwell, so we teamed up with Tracey McKay from Ayrshire 3D cakes and Emilie to get it delivered safely to the staff at Station 11.

Thankfully Emilie has made a safe recovery and the ward were delighted with this fantastic tribute.

You can visit Ayrshire 3D Cakes on Facebook so see all the wonderful work: https://www.facebook.com/Ayrshire-3D-Cakes-101253651478514/

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