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Significant structure concerns discovered with the Ayr station hotel roof after scaffolding works

Update: Friday 12 October 2018 While the scaffolding works that got underway last month have been progressing well, they have also allowed our contractors to carry out a safe inspection of the higher parts of the building.

This has highlighted significant concerns regarding the structural integrity of the building, with the roof deemed to be in a more dangerous condition than had been anticipated. We’re currently working with our contractors to design a works programme that will address these concerns and continue to support the reinstatement of rail services through Ayr station. Our priority will be to ensure that it is safe for rail services to run, without risk, while the protective measures around the building are in place. We’re also working with partners on alternative solutions to restore rail services south of Ayr, taking into account all possible risks and potential mitigations. Please be assured we’re continuing to work with our partners in the Task Force to progress these issues as quickly and safely as possible, and further updates will be provided as and when we have further information to share.

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