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South Ayrshire Council reveals new Yellow rubbish bin for "High end Rubbish"

SAC has revealed plans that it's launching yet another new wheely bin for South Ayrshire residents.

The new bin will be collected once a month and will take the average South Ayrshire householder to a total of 5 wheely bins.

The bin will be used for expensive broken items including Jewellery, expensive glasses and even gold plated forks and knives.

Since expensive items will be entered into the bin, SAC has announced that a Digital Card will be used to open the yellow bins that can only be registered by the household user.

The new yellow bin will be collected once a month.

It's expected that the launch of the new colourful wheels will hit the area of Whitletts, Ayr in May 2019.

PS. Happy April Fools to all our readers. 😆

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