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Spanish plume on the way to Ayrshire next week!

Its about to get even warmer as a Spanish plume arrives next week brining temperatures of 25c

Over the past few days Ayrshire has enjoyed plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures reaching 22c earlier this afternoon in Ayr but its about to get even warmer. Next week will see a Spanish plume push over the UK brining Spanish air over Ayrshire and by wednesday next week temperatures could hit 25c across Ayrshire competing most Spanish holiday resorts.

(High pressure will push up over the UK from Spain next week)

So what is a Spanish plume and how does it happen?

A Spanish plume is a ridge of warm air dragged up from the continent over the UK usually brining warm temperatures similar to Spain and France. but dont be fooled it doesn't always mean dry weather this sort of heat can help thunderstorms develop over the UK although there will be plenty of sunshine between the showers and even under any cloud temperatures will stick around 24c.

(Beach weather looks set to continue over the next few weeks)

Spanish plumes are usually caused when low pressure develops over the souther Atlantic and as it pushes its way over towards Europe it drags warm air over the UK from its southern flanks. Its the same reason as low pressure meets high it can cause thunderstorms to push south over the UK and towards Ayrshire but never fear Spanish plumes keep temperatures around 25c so its about to get very warm outside.

Low pressure looks set to make a short return around the 12th but never fear the Azores highs looks set to arrive just after the Spanish plume brining yet more dry and sunny weather.

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